Floral Dog Wedding Wreath

There is nothing quite as pretty as the combination of dogs & flowers. I think we can all agree it is pretty much a guarantee for irresistible cuteness!

Today I am excited to share a simple, yet beautiful, DIY wreath that is the perfect dog attire for a wedding or any fancy festivity. Feel free to use wildflowers or any other non-irritant, flexible stemmed flower. I can just picture a cool lavender and lilac hued wreath!

Just look how regal and adorable our model Lex looks, who by the sweetest and most gentlemanly pit-bull I’ve ever met. I tried to take him home with me but his parents were sort of attached to the dude. Darn!

I hope you enjoy your wreath. We would love to see photos of your own DIY wreath + pup. Just share them on our facebook page!


Important note

When choosing your flowers for your wreath, please be aware that a number of flowers can be toxic if ingested by dogs.

Although the dog wedding wreath is obviously not for consumption, if you have concerns your dog may eat or chew at the wreath, please err on the side of using 100% non-toxic plants. For a full list of toxic and safe plants for dogs visit the ASPCA.

Always keep your dog under supervision while wearing the wreath.

Dog Wedding Wreath Materials

2-3 Bouquets of any non-irritant, flexible stemmed flower


Floral Tape

Floral Wire




1. Lay out your flowers and begin separating them. Using your scissors begin cutting off branched groupings of flowers. Once you have your bouquet cut into individual branches, lay them out on a flat surface and begin grouping/bunching them in a vertical line with the stems overlapping one another.

3. Use your floral tape to join and secure the stems together, and wrap floral wire around any spots that need extra support or that have little flyaway pieces. As you add flowers, it should start to resemble a garland.

4. Once your garland is long enough to hang loosely around your dog’s neck, join the ends together by overlapping them and securing them with wire/tape. Overlapping the pieces will disguise the tips and give it a smoother finish. Gently place the wreath over your dogs head so that it hangs comfortably. Enjoy!