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What Our Moms Taught Us About Beauty

Working in the beauty industry may have given us access to tons of skin care research and industry experts, but the best beauty tips we’ve received (and actually live by) are actually from our moms. Here are just some of them.


1. Coffee for Cellulite


“My mom told me to not to throw away the leftover coffee grounds and use them in the shower as an anti-cellulite treatment/scrub at least once a week. It’s still part of my ‘go to’ body regimen when summer is around the corner.” – Irina M.


2. Easy Fix for Dry Hands


 “During the winter months I would get super dry hands and chapped skin on my knuckles, and my mom taught me to put Vaseline on them and then cover them with socks before bed. In the morning they would feel extremely smooth.” –Ashley V.


3. Not a Day Without SPF


 “My mom doesn’t go a day without applying sunscreen on her face, neck and body, rain or shine. She’ll always reapply like clockwork and she’s done this as far back as I can remember. As a result, she looks years younger than her actual age and has kept away the skin cancer scalpel.” – Jenna S.


4. Olive Oil for Gorgeous Legs


 “My mom and I love wearing skirts. She told me to apply olive oil on my legs if I’m wearing a skirt or a short dress to help my legs look healthier and more defined. It’s a great advice because it isn’t harmful and you always have olive oil in the kitchen.” – Jessika S.


Beauty Lessons Our Moms Taught Us – The Beauty Crop


5. A Simple Hair Regimen


“My mom’s hair care regimen for me was very simple. Water, a hair oil and a panty hose to cover my head so that I wouldn’t make a mess of my hair while sleeping.” – Ashley A.


6. Don’t Mess With Your Skin


“My mom always took me to a dermatologist growing up so I didn’t mess with my skin. This helped keep my skin clear and taught me the importance of a great skin care routine. I still take wonderful care of my skin today because of her!” – Lauren S.


7. Just a Tad of Makeup


“My mom would always give in to my begging, and let me wear just a tad of makeup starting off with blush. She would brush a little on my nose, across my cheeks, on my forehead and chin. Still to this day that is exactly how I apply. A little here, a little there, she would say.” – Amber M.